Resident Programs

Afternoon Tea

Families, friends and neighbors are welcome at most events sponsored by The Brighton's Resident Outreach Committee. A group of residents, Board members and a staff member meet monthly to discuss issues of interest to residents and to plan events and activities. Our Resident Outreach coordinator is glad to hear suggestions for meaningful and enjoyable events. Residents are encouraged to organize events themselves that serve their own interests, too.

Ongoing Programs:

The Resident Outreach Committee  Residents are encouraged to participate in monthly Resident Outreach Committee meetings, and to help make their own favorite activites happen!

Monthly resident newsletter and lobby bulletin boards These highlight the many activities residents can participate in at The Brighton and at the Senior Center next door.

Morning Coffee Socials  No -- you don't have to drink coffee to enjoy friendly conversation in the morning. Some bring their crafts and visit until noon on weekday mornings. Others have a cup and then move on with the day their own way. Try it!

Club Brighton Potluck dinner and movies chosen by the participants on the 2nd Thursday of each month

The Brighton Crafters Residents meet Tuesdays to learn new skills and prepare their hand-made treasures for donations and sales.

P-Patch Gardens 24 raised beds are available on a first-come, first-served basis in our beautiful P-Patch garden. Last year's gardeners get first pick, but there are enough plots to go around, and it's a lovely place to visit. VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME to help our senior and disabled gardeners grow the veggies and flowers they love. Please call Deb at 206-722-3922 if you would like to help out in the garden.

For more details, see our Ongoing Programs page.

Social Events:

Here are a few of the many opportunities to be part of The Brighton Community: What do you like to do?

Winter / Spring

  • Black History Month activities
  • Valentine's Day
  • Garden classes and work parties with volunteers from United Way, Seattle Neighborhood Group, and other community organizations, to help get the growing season off to a very green start


  • Huge yard and crafts sale
  • National Night Out Against Crime outdoor potluck picnic with live music

Fall / Winter

  • Harvest potluck
  • Winter holidays celebrations

More Celebrations Companionship and meals or snacks prepared and served by and for residents in the Penthouse...karaoke, dancing and great conversation are part of many celebrations.


For more details, see our Social Events page.

Resident Run Activities:

Something for everyone!
Many of our ongoing programs were started by residents who wanted to share their interests with their neighbors. Movies, crafts, karaoke, Bible study and prayer were all spearheaded by residents, and the residents keep them going.
Our Resident Outreach Coordinator can help -- with ideas, marketing, and more -- to get an activity up and running.

For more details, see our Resident Run Activities page.